Find the best EOT cranes for your company
Factories and building websites make use of heavy devices and cranes to move things easily and without hassles. When it comes to cranes that take up heavy lots and move them to wanted area, EOT cranes takes the first preference.

They are the consistent devices at constructions sites, refineries and manufacturing facilities. Potentiality of these devices is simply amazing. Heavier loads can be carried in a easy and easy manner.

EOT stands for Electric Overhead Traveling that proceed a pair of gantry rails which are climbed on gantry girders and are supported on columns on both sides of bay. These devices include end carriages, bridge girders, trolley assemble, platforms, and long travel equipment. They can support special features such as 2 or 3 trolleys running on typical pair of bridge girders.

While making use of EOT cranes, trolley movement and machineries for raising activity are climbed on trolley. EOT cranes are able to mobilize their speed of working. These cranes have long-term or detachable accessories such as magnet, get pail, raising coil, beam or piece tong, rotating beam, C hook, sheet pack lifter, and more.







Potato Harvester , Beet Harvester , Carrot Harvester , Forage Harvester , Combine Harvester , Bailer , Flower bulb harvester , Other harvesting equipment
Tractor , Small-track tractor , Oldtimer tractor
Fertilizer spreader , Meadow scarifier , Rotary chopper , Sprayer , Slurry tanker , Plough , Power harrow , Flower bulb planting machine , Flower bulb processing machine , Planting & sowing machine , Mower , Other agricultural implements , Tedder & Rake , Muck spreader , Feed mixer , Strawblower , Irrigation hose reel
Livestock trailer , Silage trailer , Slurry tanker , Water browser trailer , Transport trailor , Tipping trailer , Other transportation equipment , Muck spreader , Delivery van
Accessories combines , Accessories Harvesters , Accessories Bailers , Accessories tractors , Wheels-Tyres-Rims , Other accessories
  Lawn & Garden machines(2)
Lawn & Garden Mower , Small-track tractor


Other harvesting equipment
Price: EUR 14900
McCormick, FARMALL
Price: EUR 8500
John Deere, H TRACTOR
Price: EUR 8500

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