AgroMachine offers you two possibilities to place an ad:


Ad without a subscription

You insert one advertisement for a period of 2 months. This period can always be extended. Price: 7 euro/month (excluding VAT).


Ad with a subscription

You buy a number of ad spaces for a set period. You manage and fill these advertising spaces completely autonomously.  The subscription is a formula that offers you unprecedented flexibility. 


Please contact us by email for a price quote.


How do you proceed ?


First you have to register as a seller. Your co-ordinates are used by the buyer to contact you directly. After your registration, you are asked if you want to place your ad with or without subscription. After indicating your choice, you can place your ad.


If you want to register now, please follow the link bekow :


 What are the modules "MiniWeb" en "Exchange"




THE way of having your advertisements appear in seven languages on your own website! The “MiniWeb” option ensures that all the advertisements which you insert on AgroMachine, are also automatically seen on your own website.   In this way your visitors have the same possibilities and language options as on AgroMachine. In addition, by just performing one operation you will be able to oversee the advertisements on your MiniWeb as well as on AgroMachine.






Using the “Exchange” option you can call all sellers who are interested in exchanging their machines for the brand you are offering. Using this exchange system, brand dealers can also focus for their second hand materials on their own brand, and optimise their after-sales service.

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